Diagnosis and Treatment

Specialized Diagnosis

At the Sinus Center of Minnesota, our team specializes in providing non-invasive, non-surgical diagnosis of your sinus problems. We specialize in diagnosing your sinus problems using rhinoscopy, allergy testing, and other testing as needed.


Our team can use non-invasive and painless rhinoscopy to look at your sinuses. This quick fiberoptic diagnostic test helps our doctors get a close up view of your nose and sinuses without exposure to radiation to inform treatment planning.

Allergy Testing

Did you know that many food and environmental allergens can cause chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps? Our doctors can conduct thorough allergy testing to determine whether your sinus problems are caused by allergies.

Specialized Treatment

Our team treats the underlying cause of your sinus problems. They use a combination of state of the art biologics, medication, and allergy treatments to address your sinus concerns.


Our team uses molecular therapies and state of the art biologics to empower your immune system to treat underlying chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps.


To treat allergic rhinitis, chronic cough, and sinus inflammation,
our doctors may recommend
over-the-counter or prescription

Allergy Treatment

Many sinus problems are caused by underlying food and environmental allergens. Our team uses the latest allergy treatments, including allergy shots and allergen avoidance counseling, to alleviate your sinus problems.